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Florin Nisip, Master Painter


George Ford Painting, a predecessor to Leeds, has been the premier painting company in South Florida for over three decades. Where most cabinet companies struggle with their finishes, Leeds excels at high-end finishes. In our finishing shops, you’ll see master finishers who are keeping alive old-world traditions such as authentic French polish.  Our clients include celebrities, and captains of industry; we recently completed seven kitchens for one of the world’s best-known contemporary singers.

Florin Nisip, head of the painting division, has created old-world and modern finishes with some of the top in the industry.  At Leeds, Florin encourages architects, interior designers and homeowners to
join in the creative process, “I love to show clients the actual difference a quality finish makes. When we are asked to do samples, we almost always get the job.”

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